Tough Town

Tough Town


Tough Town creates for companies like American Express, Sphere, HTC and Samsung. They make music videos for artists like the Chainsmokers, Jack & Jack, Zeebra Katz and Lil Wayne.

Tough Town is the dynamic duo of Niklaus Lange and Mike Damus, They met as actors on the set of a failed sitcom, but would go on to shoot over 100 episodes of television between them. Lange created, directed and ran video production at theAudience for 4 years. TT has worked with a wide range of brands and entertainers including Shaun White, Jackie Chan, and Mike Epps to some of the largest social media influencers on the internet. Dams is a stand up comedian and regular at The Comedy Store, and as a writer he sold scripts to ABC and Judd Apatow.


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